Perenio IoT and A1 announce the launch of the A1 Smart Home project in Belarus

14 May 2020

A1 has become an exclusive partner of a Czech technology company with development centers in Minsk and Kyiv Perenio IoT in Belarus.The A1 Smart Home project launched as the cooperation. 

“A1 Smart Home” is a comprehensive solution that includes the A1 Elegance multifunctional router, which has no analogues, a user-friendly smart speaker with Alice voice assistant from Yandex, video surveillance and various sensors, which detect movement, opening doors and windows, smoke, flooding, regulate the temperature and humidity in the room. When sensors are triggered, the system sends a notification to the user`s smartphone. 

“We are proud of our cooperation with A1 and the results of joint development - this is the first such kind of project in Belarus. Perenio develops the most universal and comfortable ecosystem of smart home management, accessible and understandable to each user without special knowledge and skills. We plan to improve the ecosystem constantly by incorporating new devices into it - now we are working on a robot vacuum cleaner and controlling light relays from Perenio, and a Prestigio smart heater. Also, we consider integration of the system with Redmond appliances and Canyon accessories. All devices will be controlled by a multifunctional IoT router, which has no analogues in Europe, ” said Sergei Kostevich, Executive Director of Perenio IoT.

A unique feature of the A1 Elegance router is its multifunctionality: it is a dual-band Wi-Fi router operating at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies for distributing the Internet to the most remote corners of the building, and the control center for smart home devices via smartphone application. A1 Elegance is equipped with a 3G/4G module that provides a backup mobile channel when automatically switching between Wi-Fi and 3G/4G modes.

A1 Elegance will work as a standalone mobile router in homes where there is no home Internet connection, as well as in homes with home Internet access from any provider. The built-in rechargeable battery provides the A1 Elegance router with up to 6 hours of battery life. It is important that the device has a concise and elegant design that will fit into any interior.

A1 Smart Home system is very simple: all devices are connected to the center of the smart home - the A1 Elegance router - which transfers information to the user's mobile devices via a mobile network. The center communicates with devices through radio signals in the 2.4 GHz band using the Zigbee protocol.

Sensors will make the house safer and provide protection from unpleasant surprises: flooding, fires or intruders. An infrared remote control will replace many remotes at home. The A1 Smart Home system includes a smart socket, which can give the command to the home appliances to switch on and makes homecoming warm and comfortable. A smart socket will also allow you to control energy consumption and save on utility bills, remotely turn on and off household appliances, protect expensive equipment from voltage surges and breakdowns.

Video cameras will help to be always aware of what is happening in the room, just turn on the broadcast. Video surveillance is not just a standard shooting, recording and viewing of events, but an intelligent video monitoring service of a house, cottage or apartment. The service allows you to monitor your home through the mobile application and receive notifications about any changes. And it’s also an opportunity to look after elderly parents, children, pets, to control their safety. When a motion sensor is triggered or the camera’s view overlap, recording is automatic, and the user receives a notification on a mobile phone. The cloud platform located in the A1 data center allows you to store videos in the archive for 24 hours, if necessary, storage can be organized on an additional SD card with a capacity of up to 64GB.

The advantage of smart devices is a stylish design and ease of installation: they do not require wall shredding and are easily mounted on any surface with an adhesive layer.

Sensors can be purchased individually to combine them as you want. The most popular devices are grouped into sets for users convenience:

* "Safe home" (smoke, leak and opening sensors);

* "Safe Home +" (smoke, leak, opening sensors, a smart socket, and a camera);

* "Comfortable home" (smoke sensor, two opening sensors and a smart socket);

* "Comfortable home +" (smoke, leak, open sensors, smart speaker, infrared remote control).

You can manage your apartment, house or cottage from anywhere in the world from your smartphone via the A1 Smart Home mobile application (available for devices with Android and iOS). The application also allows you to add and activate smart sensors and user devices (up to 150 different units - from household appliances to security systems), create your own scenarios tailored to individual needs or use ready-made ones (such as smart lighting, imitation of presence, safe home), and also receive emergency notifications on your phone.

The A1 Smart Home system integrates Yandex's virtual assistant Alice, which makes the process of managing scripts and individual smart devices as easy as possible. Just ask - and the system will turn on the TV, create the optimal temperature in the room while you return home or clean the house before the arrival of guests.
You can learn more about the A1 Smart Home system on the A1 official website, in A1 stores, in the A1 virtual store, and on from June, as well as get advice from call center specialists by calling 150.

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