Smart ECO-friendly Infrared Heater Perenio Joule, Black

  • Eco-friendly materials

  • Smart overheating and fire protection
  • Low power consumption
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Voice assistants:
Installation and Mounting
  • easy wall mounting with strong brackets
  • free standing using leg stands included
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Convection heater
Cost-efficeint Joule consumption
Smart heater Perenio Joule consumes в 2.5 times less energy than a convection heater

The patented graphene-based heating technologyграфена

Is the perfect combination of fast heating and low energy consumption

Perenio Joule advantages

Low energy consumption

0.8 kW only

ECO-friendly materials

non-toxic, natural, durable

Elegant design

thin and slim, color variations

High energy efficiency

for uniform heat distribution

Safety sensors

to protect your peace of mind

Graphen layerfor smooth and uniform
heat distribution

Safe warmth

Piezo element against overheating

shuts off power supply when the maximum allowable temperature is exceeded

Temperature sensor

for remote maintenance of the climate control function

Child lock function

in the mobile application to lock the on / off button

High-strength tempered

glass case

Power surge protection

Anti-tipping gyroscope

power button with built-in RGB indicator

Incredibly thin

Smart climate control

will reduce the energy costs and warm up the room by the time you arrive

Remote control

via a mobile application or voice assistants:

Turning on/off the heater
Setting the temperature and timer
Tracking energy consumption statistics

Eco-friendly heating

Indoor humidity balance
Oxygen level maintenance
Temperature control

Easy installation

on the floor or wall using special brackets and leg stands included

and vertically

ECO-friendly Infrared Smart Heater Perenio Joule

with unique graphene-based heating technology for uniform and eco-friendly room heating.

Communication TechnologyWi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n20) of 2.4 GHz
Supply VoltageAC 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Standby Powerless than 1W
Power in Heating Mode700W to 800W (in heating mode)
Dimensions1000mm x 356mm x 32mm (without brackets)
Types of ProtectionCurrent – up to 10A, Voltage – up to 260V, Panel Temperature – up to 150°С, Electronic Gyroscope – Shutdown When Falling
Warranty Term Notes24 months - for CIS
24 months - for EU, UK, TR
36 months - for NO, SE
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Infrared heating method with incredibly low power consumption of 0.8 kW only.

Smart heater Perenio Joule consumes 2.5 times less energy than a convection heater producing maximum amount of heat for you room. Suitable for 16-24m2 room.

Eco-friendly non-toxic heating

has a positive effect on the overall health condition, state of skin, immunity strengthening. It maintains the indoor temperature, and neither dries up the air, not burns oxygen.

Remote control via a mobile application and Smart Climate Control function

make it possible to regulate energy costs and warm up the room by the time you arrive: turning the heater on and off, setting the temperature and timer, tracking statistics of energy consumption.

Minimalistic and elegant design, eco-materials,

8 mm thin, tempered glass case make the heater an essential element of any interior design.

Built-in safety sensors

will reliably protect your home and your loved ones. They will be triggered in the event of overheating, power surges and other unforeseen situations: piezo-element to block energy supply when the maximum allowable temperature is exceeded, “child lock” function, anti-tipping gyroscope, multifunctional power button with built-in RGB indicator, power-surge protection.

IP44 protection class

ensures protection against water drops and splashes. You can place the heater inside wet rooms and take a bath with maximum comfort.

Simple, quick and easy installation.

Floor standing or wall mounting with legs or brackets included.

Smart ECO-friendly Infrared Heater Perenio Joule, Black 189.00 €
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