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Where and how shall I install the Indoor Fixed Camera?

The Camera shall be installed indoors in such a way as to maximally cover the required field of view. It is placed on a horizontal surface or mounted on a 3M Tape.

How many devices may be activated in a single Location?

The User may activate up to five Wi-Fi Devices (Control Gateways or Cameras) in one Location.

What is included into the Indoor Fixed Camera purchase package?

The scope of supply includes the Camera, the USB-MicroUSB Cable, the Power Adapter, the 3M Tape, the QSG and the Warranty Card.

What is 90°/52° Horizontal/Vertical Viewing Angle?

See image below.

What is Turn/Tilt (Mechanical) 350º/90º?

See image below.

Поворот/наклон 350º/90º стационарной камеры

Can I rotate the lens of the Indoor Fixed Camera through the Mobile App?

No, the Camera can only be rotated mechanically.

What are ports on the back of the Camera?

The USB-MicroUSB Cable port is located on the back side of the Camera (See image below).

How to restart the сamera?

The process of resetting to factory settings is as follows:

  1. Press and hold the Reset Button located on the back of the Camera for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Release the Reset Button after the Camera beeps.
  3. Wait until the reset process of the Camera is finished (The Camera will appear in the list of available Wi-Fi Networks as the Access Point).
Why do I need a Reset Button on the back of the Camera?

The Reset Button is used to reset a device to factory settings.

How may I turn off the two-way audio?

When you switch to viewing live video, the Camera's microphone is turned off by default while the speaker is turned on. To turn off the speaker, click on its icon in the Camera control panel.

What shall I do to stop the camera from sending sounds from the smartphone?

The Camera does not transmit sounds from the smartphone by default. The microphone is activated only when the corresponding icon is pressed and held in the Camera control panel.

Is it possible to take an Indoor Fixed Camera on a trip?

Yes, it is possible, but before the trip you need to disconnect the device through the Сamera settings and make sure that the new installation place will be provided with a stable Wi-Fi connection. When connecting to a new location, follow instructions for transferring the Camera to another Room or Location specified in the manual that can be downloaded from our website.

How to move a camera to another room?

If the Wi-Fi network doesn't change, it is enough to disconnect the device from the power source and unstick it (if the 3M tape was used), install it in a new room and connect it to the power source again. After 1-2 minutes, the Camera will appear in list of devices. If the Wi-Fi network changes, follow instructions specified in the Camera’s manual (Changing the Room or Location for Cameras Section) that can be downloaded from our website.

How to transfer an Indoor Fixed Camera to another Wi-Fi Network?

Install the Camera in another Room/Location (The Wi-Fi network in a new installation area will change):

  • Sign in to the Perenio Smart app and select the Location where the Camera is activated;
  • In the ‘Devices’ tab, select the required Camera from the list and click on the Settings icon;
  • In the pop-up window, choose ‘Disconnect device’;
  • Wait for around 3 minutes in order for the Camera to disconnect from the current Wi-Fi network; 
  • Disconnect the Camera from the mains;
  • Move the Camera to another Room/Location and connect it to the mains;
  • Wait until the Camera is rebooted (It usually takes no more than 2 minutes);
  • Activate the Camera in the Mobile App according to par. 2.1 ‘First Installation and Configuration of the Camera’ (B-D) of the manual that can be downloaded from our website.
What happens with the Indoor Fixed Camera in case of a short-term power failure?

All data and device settings will remain unchanged. After the power is restored, the device will be restarted in about 2 minutes and will become available for the User. In case of connection failure, it is recommended to reset the device and restart the Mobile App.

Do I need to do anything with the SD Card to record video on it?

To use a MicroSD Card, you should buy it and insert it into a special slot on the Camera's back. The recommended Card Class and its capacity are specified in the Camera manual.

Does the Camera glow in the dark?

The Indoor Fixed Camera is equipped with 8 Infrared LEDs that light up in the dark and provide visibility at night. These LEDs will be barely visible in the dark as the peak wave length is 850 nm.

Why can't I connect the Сamera to the Wi-Fi Network of 5.0 GHz?

The Indoor Fixed Camera can be connected to a Wi-Fi network of 2.4 GHz only. However, Wi-Fi routers of most manufacturers support both frequencies (2.4 and 5.0 GHz) now, so if your Wi-Fi network is set to 5.0 GHz only, you should add an access point with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and the Camera will connect.

Why I don't receive any notifications when the Camera detects motion?

Most likely, your Camera is in the Disarmed Mode.