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Where and how shall I install the Indoor Fixed Camera?

The Camera shall be installed indoors in such a way as to maximally cover the required field of view. It is placed on a horizontal surface or mounted on a 3M Tape.

Where and how shall I install the Motion Sensor?

On the vertical surface with due consideration of the sensor orientation (For details, see Manual). It may be mounted on the 3M Tape or screws.

Where and how shall I install the Smoke Sensor?

A Smoke Sensor is recommended to be installed in all rooms (apartment/house). When the room length exceeds 9 meters, it is recommended to install two Smoke Sensors. As a rule, the sensor shall be mounted on the ceiling using 3M Tape or screws (at a distance of at least 30 cm from lamps and decorations, as well as at a distance of at least 15 cm from walls and corners). Avoid installing the Sensor in the kitchen, garage, boiler room, etc., as they are subject to accumulation of combustion products.
Do not install the Sensor in rooms with high level of humidity, insects, dust and/or grease, as well as near air conditioners, ceiling fans and extract systems, including heaters and fluorescent lamps.

Where and how shall I install the Door & Window Sensor?

Both parts of the Door & Window Sensor shall be installed at the same height on the edge of the door/window frame so that in the closed state the Magnet is within 20 mm from the Sensor. It can be sticked on the 3M tape or screwed. For details on installation options, see the manual downloadable from our website.

Where and how can the Leak Sensor be installed?

The Sensor shall be installed on a flat horizontal surface close to a possible source of leakage.

Where and how shall I install the Control Gateway?

The Control Gateway shall be installed on a horizontal surface near the source of power (See examples below).