About Us

Perenio IoT is an innovative company that develops and manufactures home and office control systems.

Our mission is to make every home and office safe and give our customers the opportunity to save on utilities such as electricity, light, heating, gas, and water. 

Our primary product is the Perenio home and office control system, a fully functional ecosystem for protecting your home and property. 

Our company's headquarters and Research Center are located in Prague, Czech Republic. This is where our highly qualified experts answer the question of which devices from the IoT world (the "internet of things") can solve people's security problems in the immediate future and how to make people feel safe. It's also where we design our devices and program its software. 

Our developers follow a rigidly systematic agenda: all of our devices are developed within the framework of a single platform and represent a unified ecosystem.

We also dedicate a good deal of attention to protecting our users' personal information. In this regard the Perenio system as a whole and every Perenio device in particular conforms to the latest standards in the field and European GDPR law. 

Another integral part of our brand is manufacturing. Perenio IoT devices are produced under our supervision and in accordance with applicable certification requirements.

All of our products are developed using the latest technologies in the IoT field and fully go right to our motto, "Making life easy!"