IoT Platform

Perenio is a system for Smart Home and Office

The system has two parts:

  • software platform;
  • wide range of connected devices.


Software Platform

At the core of the Perenio brand is a universal software system that allows spaces to be managed efficiently.

Perenio Smart Home and Office helps address a wide range of problems, including home security, access control, fire safety, leak prevention, energy conservation and consumption, and much more. That's why it's completely controlled by each individual user. Users interact with the platform through our mobile app, Perenio: Smart Home and Office

The Perenio system can be used to control all aspects of space: turn devices on and off, control the temperature, set motion detectors, and check door and window sensors. You can even monitor store traffic or optimize logistics and production processes. There are many scenarios when Perenio may be used, and their number will keep growing as the project develops further.


Perenio's Product Range

The second half of Perenio Smart Home and Office are the devices that can be connected to the software platform. We offer a number of devices that can solve problems in homes and offices.

Our engineers have developed safe and reliable sensors and devices that connect to Perenio's smart software platform and help solve a variety of problems.

We focus on the following areas: security and access control (motion sensors, fire alarms), cloud video surveillance (all types of visual monitoring), and property protection and risk minimization (leak sensors). In the future, we plan to expand our line of devices with the addition of electricity meters for reducing energy and gas consumption. 



The interaction between devices and the software platform is supported by WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Zigbee 802.15.4 technology.

Using WiFi at 2.4 GHz ensures a stable connection in large offices, stores, and residences that have many rooms. The WiFi connection guarantees high speed and stability when transmitting data, which is particularly important for devices that stream a large amount of information.

Zigbee is one of the most popular network protocols for establishing smart solutions to Smart Home and Office. Zigbee allows the creation of so-called "self-healing networks" that are especially helpful when using a large number of devices. Another advantage of the protocol is the low energy consumption of its network devices. Thanks to Zigbee, batteries in Perenio's line of devices don't need to be changed frequently.


User Data Protection

The Perenio system complies with European standards for protecting user data. The European Union has implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which standardizes legislation on this matter and helps protect user information from dissemination or unlawful use. Similar norms and laws can be found in practically every country.

The Perenio system has been developed to comply fully with the standards set by international and local legislation. It provides a guaranteed level of protection for user information. For countries that require the localization of servers that store user data, we have provided for the implementation of this technology.

User data cannot be accessed for purposes of dissemination or unlawful use, including data that Perenio users enter into its applications and data that the system receives and processes during use. System activity is secured in accordance with the European GDPR law (which came into effect in May of 2018) and the standards of local legislation concerning the protection, processing, and storage of personal data.


Cloud Technologies

Perenio uses cloud technologies to synchronize and store data. Users receive access to secure storage systems that allow data and video surveillance system recordings to be stored safely. Provision has been made for integration with other cloud platforms.

Cloud technologies are a safe and fast means of collecting, processing, and storing data. In addition, they provide remote access to data from anywhere in the world.


Government Standards of the Future

Perenio Smart Home and Office are included in the definition of future standards, which shape changes in a whole range of factors related to the construction and functionality of residential and commercial spaces.

The governments of European nations aim for such systems to be provided in all homes and offices, regardless of their purpose or ownership. The future lies in the availability of these systems in every home, store, and office.

The Perenio system fits into this standard of the future, as it provides individuals with everything they need to control their spaces remotely, increasing their safety at work and at home.


Perenio: Technological Synergy

The Perenio system is a technological ecosystem that is tailored to solve a variety of problems that arise in both business and everyday life.

By creating the Perenio brand, we have developed a much-needed product that every consumer can understand, a product that will change the life of each and every person.