26 November 2020

Discount up to 70% on Perenio Smart Home & Office products on Black Friday

Black Friday in the Perenio online store starts on November 27 and runs through to November 29. During the biggest sale of the year, customers can purchase smart devices by the Czech technology brand Perenio at special prices. Discount up to 70% on various products.

The massive sale includes a Control Gateway, Smart Security Kit, motion sensor, fixed and motion cameras, Smart plug Power Link, infrared remote control Red Atom.

Control Gateway is available for purchase at a maximum 71% discount: best price € 29 instead of € 99. Don't miss the chance to take the first step in making life easier with the Smart Home producs by Perenio. You can purchase each device separately to build a custom configuration. 

Smart Security Kit with control gateway and motion/door/smoke/leak sensors lets users notice and react in time to emergency situations in the house. The sensors detect a smoke or a slightest water leak, preventing a fire or flood. The door/windows and motion sensors will indicate if intruders have entered the house. When the sensors are triggered, users get push notifications to the smartphone and can take timely action. This is a versatile all-in-one solution available with a single purchase. On Black Friday, the cost of the Smart Security Kit is reduced by 60% - it can be purchased for €79 instead of €199.

The motion sensor can be purchased separately from the Smart Security kit at a discounted price of €21 instead of €25.

On the days of the sales, 40% discount applies to cameras in the Perenio range: the best price for a fixed camera with a discount is €35 instead of €59, for a motion camera - €45 € instead of €75. Perenio video cameras enable you to always keep aware of activity in the house: just connect to the online broadcast in the free mobile app Perenio Smart.

IR remote control Red Atom is available with a 25% discount - at a price of €15 instead of €20. The universal IR remote control Red Atom is able to replace “all remotes control in the home”, it controls household appliances with an infrared port (TV, speaker system, air conditioner, etc).

The best price for the smart plug Power Link is €34 instead of €39. The smart socket remotely turns on/off devices via the mobile app and/or voice assistants Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Alice from Yandex. It makes it possible to set personal scenarios and operating hours of connected equipment, protects household appliances from power surges, monitors energy consumption and helps to save on bills for utilities.

Traditionally, the Black Friday promo starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. Perenio prepared an extra surprise for customers. Specifically, in order to extend discounts - at midnight from November 29 to 30, “Black Friday” will turn into Cyber Monday. The exciting details will be announced on the day of the promotion.

Rush to make your home smart and comfortable at special prices & offers!


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