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Try your luck with Perenio's online New Year game

23 December 2020

Christmas & New Year's Online Game by Perenio starts for anyone. For participation, you don't need registration or authentication. You just follow the link and enter the online game.

Help Santa Claus recognize all smart devices at home: Door&Window and Motion Sensor, Smoke and Leak Sensor, Video Cameras, Smart plug Power Link, UV-lamps, eco-heater Joule, IoT-router Elegance. This is a truly smart home. During the game, users learn more about smart devices. In the final you can receive a reward on the wheel of fortune.

Try your luck with the Wheel of Fortune by Perenio to learn more about the future - YOUR future. What New Year has prepared for you? Everyone will have a surprise and an individual prediction for the New Year. The most lucky persons will get promo codes for up to 50% OFF

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