Gateway Firmware 0.1.43

Version 0.1.43

Date 2021-04-29

OTA from: 0.1.35, 0.1.40, 0.1.41, 0.1.42
Changes (from 0.1.42):
   * LG-2579 [Gateway] Implement usage of RG45 for network connection.
   * LG-2707 [Embedded] Can not provision Gateway if WiFi password contains special symbols
   * LG-2928 [Embedded] Reduce time of PDM service stop
   * LG-2952 [Embedded] [Gateway] Kernel panic after OTA
   * LG-3116 [Embedded] MQTT commands plugin framework for PDM
   * LG-3136 Send battery value every 2h as heartbeat
   * LG-3182 [LG] START_ZIGBEE_PAIRING fail after OTA from 0.1.33; 0.1.35
   * LG-3212 [LG] OTA does not start via direct command and automatically
   * LG-3222 [LG] Unable to provision gateway to Wi-Fi with SSID and password containing special characters
The firmware version of additional ZigBee devices
   * Power Plug(PEHPL01):                     v1.3.41
   * Leak Sensor(PECLS01):                         v5
   * Motion Sensor(PECMS01):                 41030002
   * Door&Window Sensor(PECWS01):                   -
   * Temperature&Humidity Sensor(PEFTH02):          -
   * Smoke Sensor(PECSS01):                         -
PDM version: v2.2.13