Smart Security Kit

  • Make your home safe by receiving push-notifications from sensors
  • Reduce your energy costs by creating your own scenario of home appliances
  • Enhance your comfort with remote operation and setting your own scenarios in an app
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Protect your home from fires, leakages and burglaries with the Perenio security kit

Receive information about your home status on your smartphone

Control gateway collects and provides all information about the operation of sensors and other smart devices operation in your smartphone app
Protect your home from leakage and save costs with a leak sensor
The average amount of damage from leaks is €2300
Save your property - prevent damage from fire
Almost 1,825,000 fires are registered in EU every year, the average amount of damage from fire is 70,000 euros

Prevent burglaries by receiving push-notification and calling the police

after door/window sensor detection of unauthorized door or window opening
after motion sensor detection when nobody is at home

Switch on electrical appliances according to individual scenarios with Zigbee Smart Plug Power Link when sensors are triggered

The humidifier will start after you enter your home
The lights will turn on automatically after movement detection in the room

What's in the box?

  • Smoke sensor

    It detects the smallest smoke particles
  • Motion sensor

    It reacts on human and animals movement
  • Control gateway

    It manages simultaneous operation of up to 100 sensors and other devices
  • Leak sensor

    It operates with minimal flooding
  • Door/Window sensor

    It detects door/window opening
  • QSG + warranty

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Description PEKIT01 Smart Security Kit
Color White
Scope of Delivery Control Gateway and Sensors (Smoke, Leak, Door&Window, Motion)
Warranty Period 24 months
Warranty Term Notes 24 months - for CIS
24 months - for EU, UK, TR
36 months - for NO, SE

Designed for home/office security. It will help to automate the home and significantly reduce the risks of burglaries, leaks and fires.

The set contains:
- PEACG01 Control Gateway, which collect all the sensors' signals on your smartphone. It maintains up to 100 devices within a radius of 40 meters. Power supply 220V. Can be connected to the Wi-Fi Network of 2.4 GHz.
- PECSS01 wireless smoke sensor detects visible particles. It sends push-notifications to your smartphone and alerts you about an emergency with a built-in siren (up to 85 dB).
- PEACLS01 wireless leak sensor doesn't react to splashing water and triggers only after flooding with water and other liquids. It sends push-notifications to your smartphone and activates an alert with built-in siren (up to 65 dB).
- PEACWS01 wireless door/window sensor detects door/window opening. It sends push-notifications to your smartphone.
- PECMS01 wireless motion sensor is sensitive to termal objects in its coverage area. It sends push-notifications to smartphone due to detection.

How to connect?
1. Download Perenio Smart App.
2. Connect Control Gateway according to the manual.
3. Connect sensors to the Control Gateway and install them in vulnerable places.

Q:Can I add sensors to the Smart Aecurity Kit?
A:Yes, it is possible to add up to 100 sensors to a single Control Gateway being the part of the Smart Security Kit.
Smart Security Kit Buy
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