Power Link Wi-Fi

  • Remote control of home appliances in the app and with voice
  • Economy and control of energy consumption
  • Home appliance operation schedule and countdown timer
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Model PEHPL10 Power Link
Compatibility Android (5.1 and higher), iOS (12 and higher)
Communication Technology Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11 b/g/n20/n40)
Connection Radius up to 100 m (open area)
Standalone Operation Available
Protection Standarts IP20
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz
Feature Power consumption: 1 W (max)
Max power: 5000 W
Input Voltage: 240VAC
Max current: 20А
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Warranty Period 24 month(s)
Installation For indoor installation only
The device must be connected directly to the mains socket
Product Size 76x54x54 mm
Type plug/socket Plug Type E/F, Socket Type C/F
Protective Shutter Yes
Autonomous Timer Yes
LED Indicator Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Voltage, Current and Power Monitoring Yes
Integration Amazon Alexa, Yandex Smart Home (Alice), Google Home, Marusia (Mail.ru)
Warranty Term Notes 24 months - for CIS
24 months - for EU, UK, TR
36 months - for NO, SE
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Make your household appliance smart

The available functionality for remote control is: turn ON/OFF, a countdown timer, setting up schedules, energy consumption tracking.

Connect directly, without additional equipment

The Power Link Wi-Fi smart plug works without a control center or IoT router. The user needs to connect the Power Link Wi-Fi to the mains and activate it in the application.

Remote and Voice control

Users can control household appliances through Power Link Wi-Fi remotely both via the mobile app Perenio Smart and virtual assistants: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa.

Connect powerful devices

The total power of connected devices for Power Link Wi-Fi is 5 kW - this is the maximum indicator among all possible smart sockets on the market. The socket has a relay that can withstand 20A amperage for 30 seconds *.


Power Link Wi-Fi has soft-touch coverage. For the safety and protection of children, plugs are equipped with special protective shutters. The device has an IP 20 protection class.

* When used in domestic premises, the total amperage should not exceed 16A.

Q:Why do I need a smart socket Power Link Wi-Fi?

With it, you can remote control & monitor the energy of consumption of various household appliances.

Q:Can I operate the socket remotely?

Yes, Wi-Fi provides remote control of the socket. You can operate the smart plug via the free mobile app Perenio Smart or voice assistant.

Q:Will I be able to find out if the outlet is plugged being out of the house?

Yes, if you are connected to the free mobile app Perenio Smart.

Q:What information does the socket read in standard mode?

The socket reads voltage and amperage, counts power consumption, and how well the network parameters meet the requirements.

Q:Can I check from a smartphone which devices are turned on?

Yes, if you specify the names of the connected sockets. For example, you have a socket where iron is always connected.

Q:Can I connect the socket to other smart home systems?

Yes, the socket is integrated into the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant.

Q:Can I see the status of the socket in real-time?

Yes, it is visible in the mobile app, as well as at the LED-indicator of the button. The color is responsible for the current state (ON/OFF) of the socket.

Q:If electricity is lost, will the settings be correct?

Yes, user settings will remain valid.

Q:Is it possible to install a socket on the street?

The socket is intended for indoor use only.

Q:Is it possible to use a socket in a home with children?

Yes, the socket is fitted with safety shutters.

Q:I cannot connect the PowerLink WiFi from the app. The socket stops blinking during the connection process and then the connection times out.

Make sure that you are connecting the outlet to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi access point and that your airwaves are not too busy.

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