Red Atom IR Remote Control

  • Range up to 10 meters
  • Can be configured for any control panel
  • Remote control
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Voice assistants:

Comfortable life scenario

Automate the air conditioner operation from your smartphone using a timer and schedule

Save up to 120 euros on electricity

per month when operating air conditioner with Red Atom IR remote control

Set the air conditioner temperature at night for a comfortable sleep

Create your own scenarios by setting a comfortable temperature of 18 °С for falling asleep and the subsequent operation of the air conditioner

Create a sense of presence when nobody is at home

Set the auto turn-on time for LED lighting
Set the turn-on time for TV according to the schedule in the app
- “Alexa, Turn ON air conditioner!”

Control home appliances with voice assistants

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi сonnection
360° signal coverage
Mounted on a non-slip polyurethane sticker
Radius of action up to 10 meters
Remote control via App or voice
Setting for any IR remote control from the device library

Red Atom IR remote control. What's in the box?

Red Atom remote control
Quick start guide, warranty card
USB-MicroUSB cable
Polyurethane adhesive sticker, Perenio® sticker


What devices can be controlled via the IR remote control?

The Red Atom IR remote control is designed to control TVs and air conditioners with an IR port from different manufacturers through the Perenio Lite app and/or voice assistants (Google Home).

Can the IR remote control run apps on TV?

The Red Atom IR remote control can turn the TV on and off, change channels and control the volume on one or more TVs. Opening applications on the TV via the remote control is not currently supported.

How to control home appliances using voice assistants?

To activate the device via Google Home, you must follow the instructions specified in the corresponding Google application. When controlling devices through these applications, the Red Atom IR remote control and the device it controls must be added to the Perenio Smart application in advance.

How to connect an IR remote to the Perenio Smart app?

You need to download the Perenio Smart app, log into your user account and activate the IR remote by adding it as a new device in the Devices tab.

Is it possible to control the air conditioner / TV via the IR remote control remotely?

Yes, sure. To do this, just select the manufacturer and the type of device in the list, as well as the layout of the virtual remote control from the proposed options.

Does the smart remote control work remotely?

Yes, the IR remote control can be controlled remotely from the smartphone in the Perenio Smart app, as well as through the Google Home applications.

Will the device list be updated?

Yes, the list of devices is constantly updated with missing manufacturers / models / brands. For now, the complete list has been added in the documentation section.

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Model PETRA01
Intended Use Remote control of IR-enabled appliances
Compatibility Android (5.1 and higher), iOS (12 and higher)
Communication Technology Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)
Infrared Frequency 38 kHz
Integration Amazon Alexa, Yandex Smart Home (Alice), Google Home
Radius of Action up to 10 m
Power Input: DC 5V/1.0A
Power Consumption: 0.4 W (max)
Installation On horizontal or vertical surface (polyurethane sticker)
Color Black
Operating temperatures 0°C...+50°C
Operating Humidity 10%...85% (non-condensing)
Product Size 50x50x19 mm
Weight Netto 27 g
Warranty Period 24 month(s)
Warranty Term Notes 24 months - for CIS
24 months - for EU, UK, TR
36 months - for NO, SE
Data Protection GDPR Compliance
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The Red Atom IR remote control is designed to control IR compatible household appliances (TV, air conditioner) via the Perenio Lite app and/or voice assistants. Coverage level of Red Atom is 360 degrees at a distance of up to 10 meters at rooms. The set includes a polyurethane sticker, which can fix the remote control to almost any surface.

The device can be used as part of the Perenio: Smart Home and Office, as well as with third-party applications (Google, Amazon).

Create scenarios for air conditioner, TV and other electrical appliances operation which are controlled by IR remote controls.

Electrical appliances will work when you need with customized scenarios, saving energy. For example, the air conditioner will turn on for heating an hour before waking up and you will wake up in a room with a comfortable temperature.

Customize your TV and LED-lighting operation for a truly immersive experience when nobody is at home.

How does it work?
Connecting the TV and/or air conditioner to the Red Atom IR remote control, the user can control them remotely in the Perenio Lite app, as well as configure various scenarios of use.

How to connect?
1. Connect the remote control to the network.
2. Activate it in the free Perenio Lite app.
3. Add controlled household appliances (TV, air conditioner) to the IR remote control.

Red Atom IR Remote Control Buy
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