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  • Increased motion detection area
  • Instant notification on smartphone
  • Round-the-clock operation mode
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Communication TechnologyZigBee НА 1.2 (IEEE 802.15.4)
Connection Radiusup to 40 m (open area)
Detection Angle110°±10°
Detection Distance6 m (detection area: 10 m x 6 m at 110°)
InstallationFor indoor installation only
On a flat vertical surface
Installation Height2.0-2.6 m (recommended)
Sensor size84.4x63.4x26.3 mm
Weight Netto31.9 g
Detection TechnologyPIR (Passive IR Sensor)
Light Sensitivity20 lux min
Standalone OperationN/A
Power TypeBattery CR2450 (600 mAh, 3 V) 1pc.
Battery Lifespanup to 24 months
CertificationCE, EAC, RoHS, UA.TR
Operating temperatures0°C...45°C
Operating Humidity10%...85% (non-condensing)
Warranty Period24 month(s)
Warranty Term Notes24 months - for CIS
24 months - for EU, UK, TR
36 months - for NO, SE
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Q:How does the Motion Sensor work?
A:This Sensor is sensitive to the movement of thermal objects in the area of its installation and transmits a corresponding alarm to the Perenio® Control Gateway.
Q:Where and how shall I install the Motion Sensor?
A:On the vertical surface with due consideration of the sensor orientation (For details, see Manual). It may be mounted on the 3M Tape or screws.
Q:How to connect the sensor to the Mobile App?
A:The Sensor can be connected to the Mobile App in the case of a preactivated Control Gateway only. Login to your User account and add the Sensor as a new device, than select the Control Gateway to which it should be connected. After the Sensor is connected, enter its name and add it to a selected room.
Q:May the Motion Sensor be used instead of the Door & Window Sensor?
A:It depends on the expected result. Generally, the Motion Sensor may not trigger if the door is opened, since it is sensitive to heat emission. In this case, the Door & Window Sensor will be more accurate if the goal is to identify the opening of the door, window, etc.
Q:What is a PIR Sensor?
A:This is a special element in the Sensor that is sensitive to a change in heat emission, thus providing high precision when detecting motion
Q:Can the connected sensor be moved to another room?
A:Yes, of course. There are several options for correct relocation of the device, namely: 1. Install the Sensor in another Room (The Sensor will remain connected to the same Control Gateway) as follows: a. Move the Sensor to another room and make sure it is at an allowable distance from the Control Gateway; b. Install the Sensor in a new room; c. Change the Room in Sensor settings in the User Account. 2. Install the Sensor in another Room/Location (The Sensor will be connected to another Control Gateway): a. Sign in to the Perenio Smart app and select the Location where the Sensor is activated; b. In the ‘Devices’ tab, select the required Sensor from the list and click on the Settings icon; c. In the pop-up window, choose ‘Disconnect device’; d. Move the Sensor to another room and make sure it is at an allowable distance from the Control Gateway; e. Install the Sensor in a new room; f. Reconnect the Sensor to the Control Gateway through the Perenio Smart application.
Q:Is it possible to find out if the sensor is connected?
A:Yes, you can check the status of the sensor in the Perenio Smart App. If the sensor is connected and working, then in the APP you will see the ONLINE status. If the battery of the sensor is discharged or for some reasons there is no connection, the application will display the status that the sensor is OFFLINE.
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