Smoke Sensor

  • Fire prevention
  • Detection of the first signs of fire
  • Instant notification on smartphone and alert with siren
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Protect your home from fire

Smoke sensor will react to minimal smoke and instantly notify you via smartphone

Save your property - prevent damage from fire

Almost 1,825,000 fires are registered in EU every year, and the average cost of damage from fire is 70,000 euro Smoke Sensor price is 1800 times lower than damage from fire — €39
* according to the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services

Protect children and elderly relatives from accidental fire

Control force majeure situations in places of potential fire hazards

React to the first signs of fire

Installation and Connection

Place wireless Smoke Sensor in the area of potential fire hazards
Power on the Sensor
Connect the Sensor to the Control Gateway
Receive push-notifications
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Model PECSS01
Communication Technology ZigBee 1.2 (IEEE 802.15.4)
Connection Radius up to 40 m (open area)
Alarm Type Siren, Light Indication
Alarm Level up to 85 dB (at the distance of 3 m)
Standalone Operation Available
Power Type Battery CR123A (1500 mAh, 3 V) 1pc.
Battery Lifespan up to 36 months
Certification CE, EAC, RoHS, UA.TR
Installation For indoor installation only
On a flat surface (Screws, 3M Mounting tape)
Color White
Sensor size 60x60x49.2 mm
Weight Netto 49.7 g
Operating temperatures -10°C...50°C
Operating Humidity 1%...95% (non-condensing)
Warranty Period 24 month(s)
Warranty Term Notes 24 months - for CIS
24 months - for EU, UK, TR
36 months - for NO, SE
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Smoke sensor reacts on visible smoke particles at an early, flameless stage of fire.

Upon detection it sends push-notifications to your smartphone and alerts you about the emergency with built-in siren (up to 85 dB).

The smoke sensor can work autonomously, even without being connected to the Perenio Control Gateway. When smoke is detected, it will alert you with a loud siren.

You need the sensor's connection to Perenio Control Gateway via the app for remote control and receiving push notifications. The sensor housing is heat and temperature resistant. Works from one battery up to 3 years.

Q:How does the Perenio Smoke Sensor work?

The Smoke Sensor detects visible smoke particles at the flameless stage and transmits a corresponding alarm to the Perenio® Control Gateway, as well as emits a loud signal.

Q:Where and how shall I install the Smoke Sensor?
A:Generally, the Smoke Sensor shall be installed on a ceiling using the 3M Tape or screws. It is not recommended to install it in areas with a high vapor content or near incandescent lamps and corners.
Q:How can I connect the Smoke Sensor in the Mobile App?
A:The Sensor can be connected to the Mobile App in the case of a preactivated Control Gateway only. Login to your User account and add the Sensor as a new device, than select the Control Gateway to which it should be connected. After the Sensor is connected, enter its name and add it to a selected room. See details below.
Q:How to check the Smoke Sensor?
A:To check operation of the Smoke Sensor, it is necessary to press the Test Button in order for the signal to be emitted.
Q:Will the Smoke Sensor work without connecting to the Control Gateway?
A:Yes, the Smoke Sensor can be operated autonomously (without connecting to the Control Gateway). But in order to receive notifications on a smartphone, it is necessary to connect it to the Control Gateway first.
Q:Is the Smoke Sensor sensitive to cigarette smoke?
A:Under normal operating conditions, e.g. when the Smoke Sensor is installed on a ceiling in a room where a person smokes, it will not send alarms since concentration of visible smoke particles is too low to trigger the Sensor.
Q:What is the replacement time for the battery that comes with the Smoke Sensor?
A:The Smoke Sensor can operate on a single battery for up to 36 months.
Q:Is it possible to find out if the sensor is connected?

Yes, you can check the status of the sensor in the Perenio Smart App. If the sensor is connected and working, then in the APP you will see the ONLINE status. If the battery of the sensor is discharged or for some reasons there is no connection, the application will display the status that the sensor is OFFLINE.

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