Door & Window Sensor

  • Protect your home from burglars
  • Instant notification on smartphone
  • Quick installation and easy setup
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Protect your property from theft

Receive immediate notification on your smartphone using free Perenio Smart app after a door or window opens

Prevent burglaries - save your property

The door/window sensor will notify the owner in case of detection of suspicious activity
The average amount of damage from burglaries is €2750
The door/window sensor price is €19
Call the police in case of unauthorized home access after receiving a push-notification on your smartphone
Receive push-notifications if unauthorized persons break into your office

Installation places in apartment, summer cottage, office, at manufacturing

  • Roof windows
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Entrance doors
  • Garage doors

Installation and Connection

Power on the Sensor
Connect the Sensor to the Control Gateway
Receive push-notifications
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Model PECWS01
Communication Technology ZigBee 3.0 (IEEE 802.15.4)
Connection Radius up to 40 m (open area)
Distance between the sensor and the magnet (Actuation distance) ≥25±5 mm
Reset Button Side panel of the sensor
Standalone Operation N/A
Power Type Battery CR2032 (125 mAh, 3 V) 1pc.
Battery Lifespan up to 24 months
Certification CE, EAC, RoHS, UA.TR
Installation For indoor installation only
Edge of the door/window opening (3M Mounting tape)
Color White
Sensor size 45x30x19 mm
Magnet size 45x15x19 mm
Weight Netto 24.2 g
Operating temperatures 0°C...45°C
Operating Humidity 10%...85% (non-condensing)
Warranty Period 24 month(s)
Warranty Term Notes 24 months - for CIS
24 months - for EU, UK, TR
36 months - for NO, SE
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The door/window sensor works via the Perenio Smart Home Control Gateway and detects every opening of door or window with installed device in the event log in the app.

In case of a door or window opening, the user instantly receives a notification on the smartphone. The sensor state in the app will be changed to "Open". If there is nobody at home at this time, you will have possibility to warn the neighbors or call the police in time.

The sensor is triggered when the magnet is removed from its main part a distance of more than 20-30 mm and returns to its original state. The device consists of two parts (sensor and magnet) and operates with one battery for up to 2 years

Q:How does Perenio Door & Window Sensor work?
A:The device is activated when Sensor parts become more than 2-3 cm apart from each other. There is no siren, but a corresponding notification is sent to the Perenio® Control Gateway in the case of triggering.
Q:Where and how shall I install the Door & Window Sensor?
A:Both parts of the Door & Window Sensor shall be installed at the same height on the edge of the door/window frame so that in the closed state the Magnet is within 20 mm from the Sensor. It can be sticked on the 3M tape or screwed. For details on installation options, see the manual downloadable from our website.
Q:How to connect the Door & Window Sensor in the Mobile App?
A:The Sensor can be connected to the Mobile App in the case of a preactivated Control Gateway only. Login to your User account and add the Sensor as a new device, than select the Control Gateway to which it should be connected. After the Sensor is connected, enter its name and add it to a selected room.
Q:Is it possible to find out if the sensor is connected?
A:Yes, you can check the status of the sensor in the Perenio Smart App. If the sensor is connected and working, then in the APP you will see the ONLINE status. If the battery of the sensor is discharged or for some reasons there is no connection, the application will display the status that the sensor is OFFLINE.
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