3M Tape

Double-sided mounting tape which is a rubber or acrylic adhesive applied on both sides of the foam. It is used in order to avoid drilling holes and using fasteners.


Modern synthetic polymer with a high level of impact resistance and elasticity.


An auxiliary output in the device to connect the Mini-Jack of 3.5 mm to.


The Perenio® PEACG01 Control Gateway.


The Digital Signal Processor is a special microprocessor designed to ensure digitized signal handling (usually, in real time mode).


The Internet of Things is a system of Internet-connected devices able to collect and exchange data coming from builtin services.


The class of protection of the device casing indicating that its internal parts are protected from penetration of fingers or objects longer than 80 mm, as well as solid bodies larger than 12 mm. Such device is protected from vertically falling drops and condensation and is suitable for unheated rooms.


Degree of protection of the casing indicating that the device is fully protected from the penetration of dust and is suitable for short immersion in water under conditions established by the manufacturer.

IR Filter

A filter that blocks infrared waves in the daytime and allows you to create the correct image from the point of view of a human perception. At nights, the use of an IR Filter is not required.


General designation of a home and office where Perenio® devices are installed.


A small-sized electronic memory device that is used for storage of digital information.

P2P Camera

The IP Camera which (upon connection to the Internet) automatically sends a request to a remote server. This server then identifies the Camera by its unique ID. To access the Camera and watch the video, the User shall install a special software developed by the IP Camera Manufacturer.

Perenio Smart

Software developed by Perenio IoT for remote control of various devices from smartphones.

PIR Sensor

The passive infrared sensor with a pyroelectric sensing element that responds to changes in heat emission.

QR Code

The quick response code which represents a matrix barcode containing information about the object to which it is linked.


The Real Time Clock is an electronic circuit for tracking the current time, date, day of the week, etc. As a rule, such a circuit has a self-contained power supply, which ensures operation even when the main device is turned off.

Viewing Angle

The area that falls into the field of viewing of the Camera or Sensors. The viewing angle depends on the focal length of the Camera lens and the image sensor size.

Wi-Fi Devices

Perenio® Cameras and Control Gateways that are connected to Wi-Fi Network, as well as activated in the Mobile App by scanning the QR Code or entering IDs manually.


A network protocol designed for secure transmission of data at low speeds, which is recognized for an extremely low power consumption.