Why do I need a UV lamp?

The UV Lightsaber Smart Safety Kit is designed for remote disinfection of indoor air and surfaces using ultraviolet and ozone.

How does the UV lamp work?

The lamp works on the principle of short-wave ultraviolet radiation in the range of 260-275 nm and destroys pathogens, destroying them at the cellular level. Ozone is also generated, which has an additional bactericidal effect and also eliminates foreign odors (dampness, mold, pets) even in hard-to-reach places.

How long will the UV tube service?

6000 hours.

Can I turn on the UV-lamp remotely?

Yes, the lamp is turned on via the Perenio Smart and Perenio Lite app, as well as voice assistants.

Is it allowed to be in a room where the UV lamp is turned on?

No, it is forbidden to be in the room where disinfection is carried out.

How much time do you need to ventilate the room after the UV lamp work?

After disinfection, it is necessary to ventilate the room for 30 minutes.

Can I set the time for turning the UV-lamp on and off?

Yes, you can configure your own lamp operation scenarios in the app and set the lamp operation by timer.

Can I control a group of UV-lamps?

Yes, you can combine several lamps into a group and set up a schedule for it.